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We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class media planning & distribution through social media, influencer marketing, Facebook and Google paid advertising and everything in between.


Over 20 writers, designers, photographers, editors and animators with one common goal: create content that works & drives business goals.

Paid Media

We configure advanced Facebook & Instagram media buying strategies that build brand equity & drive conversions.


We build custom sales & lead generation funnels to optimize the customer buying journey. By doing this we’re able to maximize each dollar spent on advertising.

Ad Creation

We develop custom ad copy & creative ideas that convert and generate leads and appointments cost effectively.


Custom Reporting

As we monitor and analyze your ads provide detailed reports & insights on your customers & campaign performance.


We configure advanced retargeting strategies that drive conversions from audiences who already love you.

Custom Sales Funnels

We create complete lead generation and e-commerce funnels that maximize conversions.

Responsibly Manage Ad Spend

We focus on delivering the highest possible returns on and our processes reduce ad spend waste.

Google Ads Management

We configure advanced retargeting strategies that drive conversions from audiences who already love you.


We have one common goal at NLY Media. Create content that works and drives positive consumer response.

Our combined creative and production team consists of over 30 editors, animators, directors, and producers – all working to produce quality content for Facebook & Instagram.

Our seamless integration with our media buying department ensures that we not only make the best content possible but that it’s backed by laser focus targeting, instant analytics and absolutely, positively no ad waste.

Facebook & Instagram Media Buying

By trusting the one agency with all of your digital marketing requirements, we have the opportunity to analyze and grow your customers across a range of services. Your social media campaigns provide huge insights allowing us to deliver a reduced cost per conversion across the Google advertising network. Let us bridge the gap between your digital advertising efforts.

Analytics & Reporting

We make our buying decisions on data, not emotions. We solely aim to capture the strongest media buying performance possible for advertisers based on the current internet marketing landscape. Intense curiosity and rigorous testing of the target audience while creating and driving exceptional results.

Lastly, the team is unique in regard to its transparency and approach to tools. Exact details of all media purchased and the data associated with those purchases are openly shared with clients including performance metrics and anything else the client may need.


This allows us to excel in:

  • Social strategy development
  • Social roadmap creation
  • Audience behavioural analysis & interest graphing
  • Sentiment tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand tone of voice guideline creation
  • Content planning, sourcing, and creation

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